Dellorto 1481 cable elbow adjuster screw, PHF-PHM ~5mm OD

  • Part Number: 53937200

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Dellorto number 1481 cable adjuster screw for thottle cable guide elbows used on flat top PHF and PHM series carburetors. This adjusting screw has a threaded outer diameter of approximately 5mm. These are the smaller diameter that thread into the Dellorto 3698 cable elbow, rather than threading into the carburetor top. Used as stock on Mille, 1000 S, SP III, late 850 T5, California III, Strada, California 1100 carb. Also used on some PHBH carbs using cable operated chokes for routing the cable into the carb, V50 III, Monza, V65TT, V65SP, V65C and Lario.

Also found on PHF and PHM carbs used on Ducati, BMW, Laverda

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