8mm aluminum crush washer, oil lines, oil filter access cover

  • Part Number: 12154200

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Internal diameter is 8mm on this aluminum sealing washer most commonly used on round head V700, V750 Special, 850 GT, Eldorado, Ambassador, V7 Sport, 850T, T3, Convert, 750 S, S3, 850 LeMans, Le Mans II, SP1000, CX100 for the oil delivery lines to the cylinder heads, and the fittings for the valve cover vent lines.

Plus it's used on the bolt securing the oil filter access cover on small twins including V35, V50, V50 II, V50 III, Monza, V65 C, V65 SP, V65 TT, V7 Classic, V7 Racer, V7 Racer II, V7 Cafe, V7 Special, V7 Special II, V7 Stone, V7 Stone II, Breva 750, and Nevada Classic IE.

These 8mm crush washers can be found on most every Guzzi model. These are a common, universal crush washer, also used on many models of Honda, BMW, as well as Ducati and other Italian makes

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