Speedometer cable T3 T V700 SP Eldo Amb G5 V7 Sport Convert GT

  • Part Number: 12760400

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GU12760400 V7 Sport, 850T, 850T3, Mille GT, 1000SP, Eldorado, Ambassador, V750 Special, 850GT, V700, Convert, G5, California 1100, Daytona Racing 1996, 1000S, 750S, T4, T5, SPIII, some California III, Daytona 1000.


This cable has no bend at the speedometer end, and attaches directly to the instrument, or uses a 90 degree gear drive 17768360 on some models. This cable does double duty as a 20mm longer alternative for 1994-1996 carbureted 1100 Sport, replacing 37760405.

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