Fuel tank cap, gas cap, LeMans 850. 850T, T3 etc

  • Part Number: 13103960

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Chrome plated steel fuel tank cap fits 850T, 850T3, 1976-1978 Convert, 1976-1978 LeMans 850, some late Eldorado, late V7 Sport and 750S. Sealing ring outer diameter is 48mm. Note that early V7 Sport models had a sealing ring area larger than 48mm and are therefore unable to use this cap.

Similar caps were used on many Italian motorcycles including Ducati, MV, Laverda and Moto Morini during the 1970s. Be sure to measure the gasket outer diameter for these applications.

Note: It is normal to have to fine tune the locking tab at the front of the fuel cap to optimize the engagement to your particular fuel tank. Be bending the tab slightly you can adjust the tension required to latch and unlatch the catch. This is accomplished quickly and easily with a flat blade screwdriver.

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