Premium quality thick valve cover gasket square fin big twins

  • Part Number: 14023760B

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Premium quality .8MM thick valve cover gasket for square fin big twins including 850T5, LeMans III, California II, LeMans 1000 1985-1993 (LeMans 4 and 5), 1000 SPII, 1000 SPIII, 1000S, Strada, Quota 1000, Quota ES, California III, and most 1100cc California models including California 1100 1994-1997, V11 EV, Jackal, Bassa, Special Sport, California Special (and variants Aluminum and Titanium), California Stone, Stone Touring, EV Touring, 1100 Sport carbureted and fuel injected 1994 through 1999, and all V11 Sport and V11 LeMans variants 1999 through 2005, including Scura, Naked, Rosso and Nero Corsa, Ballabio, Tenni, Rosso Mandello, Coppa Italia, etc.

This premium quality gaskets are made of better quality gasket material that more easily conforms to the irregularities of the sealing surfaces.

Not used for 500s, 650s, Breva 750, Nevada 750, V7 Classic, V7 Cafe. These bikes require 19023700

Not used for Breva 1100/1200, Griso 1100, Vintage, Norge, Sport 1200, Bellagio. These bikes require 976139

Although not a perfect match, many customers report that this gasket can also be substituted for 976139 with no problems.