Flip top choke, VHB & PHF carbs, not V700 or Ambo Dellorto 8293

  • Part Number: 14937800

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Flip top choke assembly for most VHB 27, 29, 30, VHBT and PHF30 through PHF36 carbs. By installing these carburetor mounted flip open choke levers you can eliminate the remote choke lever and the attached cables for a cleaner, simpler installation.

Note that most Ambassador models did not have orings sealing the choke holes. These early VHB 29 carbs were not counter bored to accept the protrusion and oring underneath the cap. If your Ambassador has VHB carbs without an oring sealing the choke hole cover to the carb body, these will not fit. Please be sure your carbs will accept these chokes before ordering.

Dellorto number 8293

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