Petcock V7 Sport T T3 Convert SP LeMans diamond shape, right

  • Part Number: 17105460

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Petcock, fuel valve, right side, 3 positions on-off-reserve. Outlet is straight out the bottom of the petcock.

For fuel tanks on V7 Sport, 850T, 750S, S3, 850T3, Convert, G5, 850 LeMans, SP1000, CX100, California II, LeMans II, LeMans III, LeMans 1000 all years LeMans IV and LeMans V, SPII, T5, T4, Mille, 1000S. Any tank with 16mm x 1.0 petcock threads.

Suitable replacement for "sugar cube" petcocks 14105400 and 14105405, and "electrovalve" petcock 14105406. Also replacing 28105460

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