Brembo master cylinder lid kit for many 2001 and later models

  • Part Number: 03661145

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Hand brake master cylinder lid kit, includes aluminum lid, rubber bellows gasket, screws, and a plastic gasket stiffener to help seal the lid and prevent leaks. Fits many models 2001 and later including Breva 750, V7 Cafe, V7 Classic, V7 Racer, Nevada Classic IE, California Special Sport, California Stone/Metal 2001-2002, California EV Touring 2002, California Aluminum/Titanium PI 2003-04, California Vintage 2006-, California Classic Touring 2006-2008, etc.

The parts books are confused on the application of this lid kit. Be sure to compare the shape and design of the components to determine suitability for your application. These kits were provided as an retro-upgrade to some later master cylinders that had leaking problems between the lid and the master cylinder body.

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