Round 15mm hand master cylinder, for dual disk brakes

  • Part Number: 079754338

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Round reservoir ~15mm old style hand master cylinder. This master cylinder will operate two F08 (or F05 or F09) brake calipers and is perfect for dual disk custom projects such as dual disk Eldorado and 850T. Fits all standard 22mm or 7/8 inch handlebars. Does not include lever. Uses the original Brembo style brake levers 17605652 or 14605651. This item replaces the obsolete Brembo unit on several Ducati models from the '70s and early '80s including Ducati 600 SL Pantah, Ducati 750/900, Ducati 750 F1/Laguna Seca, Ducati 900 MHR-I, and Ducati 1000 MHR-2,S2. Replacement for former Brembo number 10272900. Includes standard 10mm threaded mirror mount hole. Note: Use only DOT3 or compatible fluid