Brake light switch rear V700 Ambassador Eldorado 850GT

  • Part Number: 55741100

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Rear brake light switch for V700, Ambassador, V750 Special 1969-1971, Eldorado and 850GT. Newly revised piece mounts exactly the same as the original and has a plastic body with a sturdy metal backing plate. Internal contacts are redesigned to eliminate short circuits and blown fuses. Wire connections provided are 3.2mm wide by 0.5mm thick terminals. The two outer terminals are used for standard loop frame Guzzi applications, in this position, the brake light illuminates when the switch plunger is extended or relaxed. The central wire terminal can be used to reverse the "closed" position, in other words, by using the central terminal, a circuit can be completed with the switch plunger in the compressed position. Also fits Airone, Stornello, Falcone, Lodola

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