Throttle cable, T5 3rd series, use on SP CX G5 civilian with PHF

  • Part Number: 28117511

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Throttle cable as used on 850T5 3rd series, we've found also works great on SP1000, CX100, and civilian handlebar G5 models with USA version PHF30 carbs and black plastic throttles when used with Dellorto cable elbows on top of carbs. Huge free play on these cables, roughly 6 3/8 to 6 1/2 inches.

When used with original black plactic throttle and "flat top" PHF30 carbs as stock on later SP1000, CX100 and civilian handlebar G5, requires the use of 90 degree cable elbow, part number 3698, adjuster number 53937200 and adjuster lock nut 19938880.

This setup is an excellent replacement for the now unavailable original throttle cable 17117562. Instead of running from under the tank, then upwards and down again to run straight into the top of the carb, the cables now have a smoother, more in line routing.

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