Mistral V-TWINBOOST14 fuel injection trim module

  • Part Number: V-TWINBOOST14
  • Manufactured by: Mistral

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The Mistral V-TWINBOOST 14 fuel injection module is a low cost and effective method to optimize your fuel injection for use with Mistral slip-on mufflers.

The device ensures consistent fuel injection performance and the benefits include less popping during deceleration; better throttle response, providing a reduction in the "on/off" effect between throttle closed and throttle open positions, and improved acceleration; increased torque in the low and middle rpm ranges, which improves vehicle operation at lower engine speeds and can lead to reduced fuel consumption.

Correct wire terminals make installation "plug and play" with no additional modification required.

V-TWINBOOST14 is made for these motorcycles:

California 1400 (all versions)

Eldorado 1400

Audace 1400