90 degree cable bend gear set, speedo and tach

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90 degree cable bend gears, used on speedometer and tachometer on many Guzzi models 1979-2002. These angled cable drive gear sets are used when there is not enough clearance behind the instrument for a cable to make a gradual bend. Standard M16 x 1.0 thread pitch as used on lots of Italian motorcycles and scooters.

Used on Quota ES, Daytona RS, 1100 Sport carb, 1100 Sport injected, Quota 1000, Strada, SP III, Daytona 1000, California III injected, Califonia III fairing model, LeMans II, CX100, SP 1000, LeMans 1000 (LeMans V) full fairing version , 1000S, V50 Monza, V65 C, V65 SP, 850 T5, 850 T5 series II,

Also used on Benelli 900 SEI

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