Dipstick thermometer V11 Cali's, '15 Griso, & early sump spacers

  • Part Number: 300033070

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Oil temperature gauge dipstick thermometer for 2 valve big twin motors with sump spacers and the deep oil pans as found on late 1998 thru 2013 V11 California series models. ~152mm long. Removes and inserts without tools, seals with oring. Celsius scale.

This dipstick fits California II, 850 LeMans III, LeMans 1000 1986-1993 LeMans IV and LeMans V, 1000 SP II 1985-1992, 1000 SP III, Strada, Mille GT, California 1100 1994-1997, and all 1998-2005 1100cc California models including EV, Jackal, Special, Special Sport, Stone, Stone Touring, EV Touring, Bassa, Aluminum, Titanium, Metal, 2015 Griso

If your earlier big twin has a sump spacer, or sump extender, or has many of the external oil filter adapter rings, this dipstick is likely the one you need. It is slightly longer than the dipstick used on engines with just a shallow oil pan bolted directly to the block.

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