Oil change kit OEM California 1400, MGX21, 2015 Griso 8V

  • Part Number: OILCHANGE15

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Complete kit to complete an oil change (engine, transmission, final drive) on late Griso 1200 8V and 1400cc models. including an OEM Piaggio Moto Guzzi oil filter, o-rings and crush washers.

Correct choice for 2015 and later Griso 1200 8V, California 1400 Touring, California 1400 Custom, California 1400 Eldorado, California 1400 Audace and MGX21 Flying Fortress.

This kit includes everything you need except the oil. We suggest you purchase it locally because shipping costs for oil are generally not cost effective and suitable oils are commonly available in most locations. However, you can purchase it here, see related items.