20mm fiber washer for fill, drain plugs PHM/PHF bowl nut gasket

  • Part Number: 90714195

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20mm ID fiber sealing washer common to many uses. Typically 20mm engine oil drain plugs, engine, rear drive and transmission fill plugs. Original equipment for these uses on Stornello, Nuovo Falcone, V700, Ambassador, V750 Special, 850GT, Eldorado, V7 Sport, 750S. Usable however, on any later model Guzzi for those who wish to use a fiber sealing washer.

Also usable as a substitute for the individually unavailable gasket for most PHM, and late model PHF carburetor float bowl nuts, under Dellorto number 2778. A loose rule of thumb is if it requires a 21mm wrench to remove the carb bowl nut, this would be the correct gasket.

The dimensions of this fiber washer are ~20.10mm ID, 28.9mm OD, 1.6mm thick

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