Voxbell horn pair V7 Sport T T3 Convert SP G5 Ducati Laverda

  • Part Number: 14743700P
  • Manufactured by: Voxbell

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Pair of genuine Italian Voxbell horns. This pair is comprised of one high tone and one low tone horn to create the attention grabbing blare that Voxbell horns are known for. Chrome plated face as original on many motorcycles of the 1970s and '80s, and are adaptable to many more. Includes vibration mounts as shown.

This pair is comprised of one each of 14743700 and 14743701.

Original equipment as a pair on V7 Sport, Convert, 850 T, 850 T3, G5, SP1000, V50, and Ducati, Benelli, Laverda and other Italian bikes of the period.

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