Charging system kit, 280 watt Bosch systems

  • Part Number: chargingkit1

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Charging system kit for early Tonti frame models with the high watt charging system. Includes all the components most prone to failure, including: alternator rotor (~3.4ohm), rectifier diode board, solid state voltage regulator, one pair of brushes, and a new wiring harness to connect it all together. Also includes an alternator rotor seal for your front cover which you might as well replace while you are in there. All highly reliable modern day components, all brand new. Fits 850T3, V1000 I Convert, V1000 G5, 1000SP, SPII, California II, early California III, 850 T4, later 850T, 850 LeMans, 850 LeMans II, 850 LeMans III, LeMans 1000 (LM4/5), CX100, early Mille GT and 850T5, and probably others.