Intake valve 44mm for mid-valve engines: LeMans 850 SP3 Cal2/3

  • Part Number: 14036050

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High quality 44mm stainless steel alloy intake valve for mid-valve heads as found in 850 LeMans LeMans II, LeMans III, SP III, Strada, California 1100, most California III, 1993 1000S, some Mille GT, Quota 1000, and V11 California EV up to frame number KD115749.

This 44mm intake valve would be considered a "big valve" for early round heads, but eventually became a standard valve on some square head engines.

Note: We have reverted to the original part number 14036050 on this item, after using the later number 30036010 for a number of years. These numbers are interchangeable.

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