G&G deep sump with recessed external oil filter

  • Part Number: MG368
  • Manufactured by: Stein Dinse

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Complete SD-TEC external oil filter relocation kit includes deep sump, oil filter, oil pan gasket, drain plug and sealing washer, and oil filter wrench. Originally designed by G&G in Switzerland, the G&G deep sump hides the oil filter in a recess in the bottom of the oil pan to protect it from impact damage. Uses oil filters 14153000 or HF552.

Fits all early big twin models with the standard oil filter inside the oil pan including California Vintage, California Black Eagle, California EV, EV Touring, Jackal, California Stone, Stone Touring, Special Sport, Aluminum, Titanium, Metal, California Special, Bassa, California 1100, California III, California II, SP II, SP III, LeMans 1000 all years LeMans IV and LeMans V, LeMans III, LeMans II, CX100, 850 LeMans, SP1000, Mille GT, 1000 S, T4, T5, 850T3, and late 850T and all others similarly equipped.

Note: You need to transfer your oil pressure relief valve and the intake screen from your existing pan into this new one. Note also that the stamped steel covers on some oil pressure relief valves flare wider than others so you may need to make a little clearance in order to get the threads started. Also note that no instructions are provided, if installation is beyond your capabilities you may need to hire a mechanic.