Mid-mount side stand kit for early Tonti frame models

  • Part Number: 28432160

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Mid-mount side stand kit based on the original side stand design used on LeMans 1000, Mille GT, and 1000S. This side stand mounts at the center stand mounting location.

These kits provide a means of mounting an early type side stand at the middle of the motorcycle. When the stand is mounted near the middle of the motorcycle, it is more convenient to deploy the stand from the saddle, and the motorcycle stands up more vertically when parked. The parked motorcycle does not lean over as far, providing a more stable parking position.

As with most modifications, there are pros and cons with this side stand. Depending on which version center stand you have, there is likely to be interference with the side stand and the centerstand deployment arm. This is normally alleviated by bending the arm, however, even after proper fitment, it may be necessary to move one stand in order to deploy and use the other.

This kit includes a complete early version side stand, a mid-mount bracket, and a new spring plate. Assembly is required, and no instructions are provided. You will likely need a longer (55mm) center stand pivot bolt (98052555), and you will need to be sure that your transmission to frame mounting bolt has enough extra length to mount the ~8mm thick bracket, and the mid-mount bracket requires paint. These stands are not plug and play devices, some mechanical ability, creative skill, and grunt work will be required for installation, and you may wish to have a professional install it for you.

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