European Police Solo Seat, V700, Ambassador, Eldorado

  • Part Number: 12460541

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12460541 Sella Monoposto. This is a very nice quality, modern day Italian made reproduction of an original Moto Guzzi "Sella monoposto" or "solo seat" as originally designed and used by Moto Guzzi on V700 "Polizia Stradale", and as documented in 1971. These seats also fit perfectly on Ambassador and Eldorado, 850GT and V750 Special. These seats have a strong, heavy duty steel seat pan, supportive seat specific foam, chrome plated steel springs, and a quality vinyl cover with "Moto Guzzi" printed in white on the back of the seat in the original block letter font. As originally designed, these seats mount securely to the frame using only standard hardware, just nuts and bolts, no special spring holding devices were used or are required. These seats have been steadily improved over the years and currently offer excellent comfort with increased durability. Unlike some other seats on the market, these seats do not have perforations in the top of the vinyl cover that allows water to pass through into the foam. Also, these seats provide a relatively flat seating area so you can slide forward and backward and move around a bit to stay more comfortable for longer periods of time. Finally, when a rider is seated, the springs compress and the rider realizes the correct ride height for which the seat is designed. By sliding fore and aft, the rider can control the ride height and the amount of spring travel available to prevent bottoming out, and to obtain the ideal support based on the riders weight. This seat measures approximately 16.5 inches long by 14.5 inches wide.

In order to document the facts and prevent confusion, we have included images of two pages from the official Moto Guzzi parts book (V700 3rd edition, 1971, table 11). This seat is not the same as 10460500 for Nuovo Falcone.

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