Fuse box with cover

  • Part Number: 17743000

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Fuse box for many 1970s and 1980s models including: 850T, 850T3, 850T4, 850T5, V1000 I Convert, V1000 G5, 850 LeMans, 850 LeMans II, CX100, 850 LeMans III, 1000SP, SP II, California II, Ducati 860/900 GT. Measures approximately 90 x 50mm. Replaces earlier number 14743000 and 096038246. Includes clear fuse box cover with securing thumb screw, and 2 jumper terminals. Holds 6 fuses.

Fuses not included, uses fuses 17742550 or 17742551.

14743000 096038246

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