Short big twin shock post, shock absorber mounting stud

  • Part Number: 12555201

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Shock absorber post, shock mounting stud. This shock post is an early version used on many big twins 1967 until the middle 1980s. As used on V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, V750 Special, 850 GT, V7 Sport, 750S, 850T, 850T3, 850T4, LeMans 850, LeMans II, LeMans III, CX100, 1000SP, V1000 I Convert, V1000 G5. The 10mm threaded section on this shock post is short, and is only long enough for a washer and a nut. replaces early number 12555200. This is a standard size shock post that can be used on many models with the standard Guzzi ~14mm shock post dimension.

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