Deployment rubber, pedal rubber

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This rubber is most commonly used on side stands and center stands as the deployment rubber, it's the piece that your foot pushes against. It's also used as a heel rest on some brake pedals, and on heel and toe shift levers on California II, California III, California 1100, all EV and EV Touring models from 1997 to 2005, California classic and Vintage.

Commonly used on the large Police type sidestands found on Eldorado, T3, Convert, G5, California II, California III, Cal 1100, EV, Jackal, Bassa, Cal Special, Stone, . Also on the end of the long "9 iron" type deloyment arm for the centerstand on SP1000, LeMans III, LeMans 1000, CX100, V50, V50 II, V50 III, Monza, V65C, V65SP, Lario, Mille, SP II, T5, T4.

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