Dellorto choke valve, plunger, piston VHB,VHBZ, PHF, PHBH, PHM

  • Part Number: 13937800

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Dellorto choke valve, VHB, VHBZ, PHBH, PHF

This is the choke valve, or choke plunger used on cable operated enricheners on the VHB, VHBZ, PHF, PHBH AND PHM carbs used by Guzzi. The business end of the valve contains a little rubber disk that stops the flow of fuel through the enrichener circuit unless the valve is lifted from it's seat.
This is not a replacement for the individual "flip lever" choke valves

Dellorto number 3238, fitting multiple Dellorto carburators used on all manner of motorcycle and scooter brands including Ducati, Harley/Aermacchi, Laverda, Benelli

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