Intake manifold gasket, V700 Amb Eld V7Sport 850T T3 G5 VHB

  • Part Number: 14115500

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Intake manifold gasket,V700, Ambassador, V750 Special, Eldorado, 850 GT, V7 Sport, 750S, S3, 850 T, 850 T3, T4, Convert, G5, SP when equipped with square slide VHB carbs. It is important to use 2 gaskets for each manifold, for a total of 4 gaskets on a motorcycle.

Two of these thick intake manifold gaskets are used between each intake manifold and it's cylinder head to seal against air leaks and to insulate the carbs from heat on models equipped with VHB carburetors. Replaces 12115503, 12115500

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