Carbmate electronic carburetor and throttle body synchronizer

  • Part Number: 38040023

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New and improved version: The Carbmate electronic carburetor and throttle body synchronizing tool allows you to synchronize your left and right cylinders so that they are both working equally. This is an important part of a routine tune-up. Synchronizing results in a much smoother running engine that runs stronger and more efficiently. Carbmate is powered by your motorcycle battery. You connect the Carbmate to the battery with the included alligator clips and you connect the included hoses to each vacuum port on your intake manifolds. Carbmate displays relative intake vacuum via a 9 LED bar graph type display. Simply balance the intake manifold vacuum at idle, and then again at partial throttle settings, and you're done. These tools are particularly convenient because they are mercury free, liquid free, portable, easy to use and best of all, they are accurate.

Instructions, hoses for two cylinders, and a power cord are included. You will need adapters to connect the hoses to the intake manifold ports. Moto Guzzi applications normally require the use of 6mm hollow threaded adapters to screw into the intake tracts and allow you to connect the hoses. The 6mm adapters are sold separately under part number P510.

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