Side stand bumper and arm cover LeMans 850T 850T3 SP CX V50

  • Part Number: 14423800

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Side stand rubber, used as a stop or bumper on some models. This rubber bumper slides onto the side stand stop peg on the lower frame rail. Also used as a cover for the metal deployment arm on some model side stands.


Found on LeMans 850, 850 LeMans II, CX100, 850 LeMans III, LeMans 1000 all years LeMans IV and LeMans V, 850T, 850T3, T4, T5, SP1000, SP III, Strada, Mille, V7 Sport, 750S, S3, some G5, V35, V50, V50II, Strada, Quota, 1000S,



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