Throttle cable 850T, 850T3 with standard handebars and VHB carbs

  • Part Number: 17117500

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New and improved throttle cable for 850T, 850T3, or V1000 Convert with the standard "civilian" handlebars, VHB carburetors, and the Tomaselli Daytona 2C throttle.

These cables are improved with no crimped on terminals. Cables are the original dimensions and come as shown with built-in free play adjusters. Can be used on many models when equipped with Tommaselli Daytona 2C throttle, VHB carburetors, and standard or "civilian" handlebars. Common update for Ambassador, V750 Special, Eldorado and 850GT models with civilian bars and VHBs eliminating use of the cable splitter

About 43 inches overall.

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