New Products

adapter, oil pressure switch Stelvio NTX

Adapter for the oil pressure switch on Stelvio NTX. This aluminum adapter allows use of a 10mm oil pressure switch on models that are threaded for a ... more info

Part number: 887123
adapter oil pressure switch, late model small twins

Oil pressure switch adapter for late model small twins. This item allows use of the latest version short 10mm oil pressure switch while holding the ... more info

Part number: 887093
spark plug guard, fin guard V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, Special Sport

Spark plug guard (grey) or fin guard fits all square head models 1983-2005 and was used as original equipment on several models including: 1999-2001 ... more info

Part number: 01941030
oring, transmission filter screen V7 III V9 and trans drain plug

This o-ring seals the access cover for the transmission oil filter screen on all 2017 V7 III models and 2016 and 2017 V9 models, and also seals the ... more info

Part number: 285536
transmission oil filter screen V7 II, V7 III, V9 models

Transmission oil filter screen for V7 II, V7 III, and V9 models. Comes complete as shown with the oring. V7 Stone II V7 Special II V7 Stornello V7 ... more info

Part number: B018020
Mistral DB Killer ~38mm

Mistral DB Killer with an approximate 38mm outside diameter. This design fits conical reverse cone mufflers such as MGCLAC and variants and uses a ... more info

Part number: DB100
Mistral DB Killer ~48mm angled

Mistral DB Killer with approximate 48mm outside diameter and angled outlet. This design uses a nut and through bolt retainer. Fits MG07 carbon high ... more info

Part number: DB300
Mistral DB Killer ~48mm straight

Mistral DB Killer with outside diameter approximately 48mm. This linear design utilizes a clip nut retainer system and fits large diameter mufflers ... more info

Part number: DB200
Dial type tire pressure gauge with rubber cover, 0-60 psi

CRUZ TIREPRO dial tire pressure gauge. Measures air pressure from 0-60 psi. Complete with fabric wrapped rubber hose, bleed valve for letting off ... more info

Part number: MG0363
valve cover gasket V9, V7 III

Molded rubber valve cover gasket for all V9 and all V7 III series motorcycles. 2016-2017 V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber 2017 V7 III Racer Special Stone ... more info

Part number: 2A000565
Clutch lever assembly complete V7 III Special, V7 III Stone

Clutch lever assembly complete: 2017 V7 III Special 2017 V7 III Stone

Part number: 2B002391
Clutch cable V7 Stone, V7 Special 2012-2013

OEM Moto Guzzi clutch cable for V7 Stone 2012-2013, V7 Special 2012-2013

Part number: 883941
oil filter V7 III, V9

Genuine Moto Guzzi oil filter for: 2017 V7 III Stone 2017 V7 III Special 2017 V7 III Anniversario 2017 V7 III Racer 2016 V9 Roamer 2016 V9 Bobber ... more info

Part number: 2A000633
Choke lever assembly V700 Ambassador, Eldorado

Choke lever assembly V700 Ambassador, Eldorado. Note there were several variations on these levers, some modification may be required to fit your ... more info

Part number: 12118005A
screw-in plug wire end, for coils, distribributor

Better quality high tension spark plug wire terminal for connecting plug wires to coils and distributor caps. Fits Eldorado, Ambassador and V700 ... more info

Part number: 0558248B
Clutch lever V7 III, V9, polished aluminum

Polished aluminum clutch lever for: V9 Bobber V9 Roamer V7 III Stone V7 III Special V7 III Anniversario V7 III Racer

Part number: 2B002390
Mistral reverse cone carbon muffler set for 850 LeMans III

Mistral reverse cone silencer set (pair) for 850 LeMans III. Carbon fiber muffler body with stainless steel end cap and removeable db killer. Top ... more info

Part number: MG50013CC
Black Mistral California 1400 slip-on Exclusive muffler set

Black Mistral slip-on muffler set for California 1400 and Eldorado with the Exclusive Mistral aluminum end cap. These stainless steel mufflers sound ... more info

Part number: MG1400HRIT016N