New Products

seat for vintage Ducati Scrambler 250 - 350 - 450cc

Nice quality replacement seat for vintage 250cc, 350cc, 450cc Ducati Scrambler models.  As shown, note that this seat has no embossed "stitch" ... more info

Part number: 069085101
Mistral V-TWINBOOST fuel injection trim module for V85TT

New for V85TT:  Mistral V-TWINBOOST11 fuel injection module is a low cost and effective method to optimize your fuel injection for use with ... more info

Part number: V-TWINBOOST11
Mistral V85TT black stainless slip-on

Mistral V85TT conical slip-on muffler in black anodized stainless steel, with a carbon fiber boot guard. Conical stainless steel slip-on exhaust dyno ... more info

Part number: MGV85TTICN
Mistral V85TT satin stainless slip-on

Mistral V85TT conical slip-on muffler in satin stainless steel, with carbon fiber boot guard. Note: photo shows polished, but this part number is ... more info

Part number: MGV85TTICS
swingarm pivot bearing: V50 V65 V75 V7 Classic Breva750 V7 Racer

Swingarm pivot bearing 6202-2RSH for small twin series 1977 to 2013: all versions V35, all versions V50, all versions V65, all versions V75 Nevada, ... more info

Part number: 92204215
Ducati shift shaft bushing

Ducati shift shaft bushing with low friction lining for many models 1980s-early 2000s: Ducati 500 SL Pantah Ducati 600 SL Pantah Ducati 600 SS `95/97 ... more info

Part number: 774993421
Motorex Prizma ZX 75W90 synthetic gear oil

Motorex of Switzerland sythetic hypoid transmission oil developed to protect gears and improve shifting in transmissions and gearboxes that do not ... more info

Part number: 36030006
spark plug wire support

Spark plug wire support attaches to the intake manifold bolt on Big Twin Guzzis when equipped with VHB carburetors, as on Ambassador, V750 Special, ... more info

Part number: 14115401
Petcock Installation Kit: 750 Ambassador, 850 Eldorado

Petcock installation kit includes 8 thin metal indexing washers and 2 fiber sealing washers.  It is designed to accompany the original style ... more info

Part number: 12105401NDX
Petcock Update Kit - 750 Ambassador, 850 Eldorado

This kit updates the fuel valves on 750 Ambassador and 850 Eldorado fuel tanks to a later, next generation type of fuel valve that was used on later ... more info

Part number: MGCTAPKIT
replacement windshield for LGC/Stucchi fairing: V7 Racer

Clear replacement windshield for LGC/Stucchi Luigi fairing for V7 Racer, V7II Racer, V7 Cafe

Part number: PRB320030
carburetor conversion kit: VHBT to PHBH: G5 SP CX100

One pair of 30mm PHBH carburetors with clamps, rubber intake sleeves, and a couple of jets for converting late model, round head big twins with VHBT ... more info

Part number: 300033097
Internal fuel pump Guzzis 2003 to 2019, Ducati BMW

Economical replacement fuel pump fitting the in tank assemblies used on 750, 850, 1100, 1200 and 1400cc Guzzi models since 2003. Supplied with new ... more info

Part number: 01107290P
Ikon spring pair, midweight 220mm

Pair of mid-weight, black Ikon springs. These progressively wound springs are 220mm long with a rate of 18/25/33. Ikon spring #702 These springs are ... more info

Part number: 220182533
Mistral V85TT carbon fiber slip-on

Mistral V85TT conical slip-on muffler in carbon fiber with carbon fiber boot guard. Carbon fiber and stainless steel slip-on exhaust developed ... more info

Part number: MGV85TTCC
Mistral V85TT polished stainless slip-on

Mistral V85TT conical slip-on muffler in polished stainless steel, with carbon fiber boot guard. Conical stainless steel slip-on exhaust dyno ... more info

Part number: MGV85TTIC
precision step stud M6 to M8

Precision made aluminum step stud to convert 8mm x 1.25 thread pitch hole to 6mm x 1.00 stud.  These are made specifically for adapting the ... more info

Part number: MG257
Fork top plug V700, Ambassador, Eldorado

Fork top plug as used on early loop frame models V700, 750 Ambassador, and 850 Eldorado (drum brake front ends only).  Replace your stripped out ... more info

Part number: 12504500
Alternate rear master cylinder to GU05666930

Genuine Brembo rear master cylinder is an alternate to GU05666930, the difference being this one has a 90 degree elbow.  Check your particular ... more info

Part number: 10477620
Dellorto 8540 AB262 atomizer PHF PHM carbs

Dellorto AB262 atomizer "needle jet" PHF 30, 32, 34, 36 and PHM 38, 40 and 41 carburators as used on Guzzi, Ducati, Laverda and other brand ... more info

Part number: 8540262
Rubber grommet body panel, fuse panel, tail light, windshield

GU91551086  Multi-purpose rubber spacer used on many models including upper side cover mounting on V7 Classic, V7 Cafe Classic, V7 Special, V7 ... more info

Part number: 91551086
replacement oring for finger twist dipstick

Replacement o-ring for the aluminum "finger twist" dipsticks.  22 x 2.5 

Part number: 200033063
clutch cable V7 Racer II

Clutch cable for V7 Racer II, V7II Racer 2016  

Part number: 2B001201
Brake rod adjustment barrel V700 Ambassador Eldorado V7 Sport T

Rear drum brake rod adjustment barrel for Nuovo Falcone, V700, Ambassador, 1969-1971 V750 Special, Eldorado, 850GT, V7 Sport, 750S, 850T. This part ... more info

Part number: 95717368
Brake rod knurled adjuster V700 Ambassador Eldorado V7 Sport T

Knurled adjuster wheel for rear brake rod on Nuovo Falcone, V700, Ambassador, 1969-1971 V750 Special, 850 GT, Eldorado, V7 Sport 750 S, 850T. Also ... more info

Part number: 95732260
Mistral reverse cone silencer set SPII & SPIII

Mistral conical muffler set for 1000 SPII and 1000 SPIII.  Classic reverse cone appearance, lightweight stainless steel, and all the great Guzzi ... more info

Part number: MGCONT4
oem right handlebar switch 1000S

Full function right handlebar switch as originally used on early 90s models: LMV, 1000S, MilleGT, SP3, Cal. This switch is available only by ... more info

Part number: 27738815
Mistral DB Killer for MG09 w 45mm outlet

Mistral DB Killer for early version MG09 w 45mm outlet.

Part number: DBMG0945
Axle washer, V700 Ambassador Eldorado V750 Specail 850GT

Bright plated axle washer, used on the nut side of the front and rear axle of V700, Ambassador, 1969-1971 V750 Special, 850GT and Eldorado, including ... more info

Part number: 95110628
Brake pedal pivot bolt Norge Griso Stelvio V7IIIs V9s

884033 Brake pedal pivot bolt/pin fitting many models since 2004. This unique bolt is attached in conjunction with 2 of oring AP8144007, and pivot ... more info

Part number: 884033
Brake pedal pivot washer Norge Stelvio Griso also engine mount

GU95008310 Brake pedal pivot spacer CARC models, engine mounting washer on 1400s. Measures 10.5x22x2.5mm.  Brake pedal pivot spacer on Nevada ... more info

Part number: 95008310
Left front blinker California 1400 Touring, Custom, Eldorado

Left hand front turn signal for California 1400 Touring, California 1400 Custom, and 1400 Eldorado.   

Part number: B063029
License plate illumination US market California Special, Bassa

GU03745630  Complete license plate light for US version California Special and Bassa.

Part number: 03745630
drive shaft, medium length 10/20 for 6/32 gears

 Medium length drive shaft with 10 tooth spline on one end, and 20 tooth spline on the other end, used on 850-T5 with the 6/32 gear set. ... more info

Part number: 28326345